4 Ways to Take Full Control of Your Relocation

Moving to a new place is one of the biggest and most demanding tasks. Anyone who has moved at least once in their life will testify to the fact that while it is an exciting adventure, it is also stressful and exhausting. Though it does put a strain on you, both physically and emotionally, there are still ways to ensure your relocation goes as smooth as possible.

Here are four ideas on how to minimize the risks by taking control of the process as much as possible.


Prepare well

Good preparation and planning are key to success in any endeavour. The saying goes that time is money, and wasted time is wasted money, too. Putting aside the fact that relocations are emotionally and physically draining, it needs to be noted that they also come with a substantial expense. Bearing in mind the saying from above, it’s crucial to calculate costs before the whole process starts.

If you are relocating for work, there’s a possibility your company can cover the costs. If that’s not the case and you need to hire a moving company, do the research and find out the prices of local movers or ask friends for recommendations. It’s also a smart move to compare the prices at your current location and your target location and see who offers a better deal.

Also, there is the option of calling in a few favours with your friends. Maybe someone has a large vehicle you can borrow to load your stuff and they might be willing to come and land you a hand with packing and moving.

Another clever decision when planning a budget is to consider selling some of your things. Since you’re already going through all of your stuff while packing, decide what you really need and what might be sold. The money you get from that sale can help with unexpected costs, which are frequent while relocating.


Get organized:

Unless you’re leaving in a hurry, take time to get organized. Leaving everything for the last minute will only make an already difficult and stressful process even more difficult. The best you can do is set aside between six and eight weeks for everything that needs to be done. It’s important to manage time smartly, so make to-do lists for each week and try to incorporate them into your existing work and family schedule. Organizing and balancing activities will help you keep control of things.

However, it’s not possible to handle all the aspects of such a large endeavour as relocating, so it would be clever to have a backup plan should anything go wrong. For example, have a list of alternative movers and rental agencies, phone numbers of friends and relatives who can help in case of an emergency.

As things can get really messy during a move, it’s wise to keep your documents tidy and in order. File all your paperwork in one place, make copies of originals and save your receipts as you can get many of your moving costs deducted.


Protect your valuable possessions

Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of handing over their most precious possessions to a moving company. Even if they are highly recommended and have an excellent reputation, they are still strangers. One way to ensure everything is accounted for is making a detailed inventory of all your things and the condition they are in. You can also decide to handle relocating valuables yourself, which is not an issue if they are small. The problem arises with large items, such as certain family heirlooms or antique pieces of furniture. One of the ways to control how these things are handled is by putting a GPS tracker in the boxes and then monitoring it from a distance.

Finally, you might decide to have a form of insurance for some of your important pieces, so you will know you are covered in case anything goes wrong.


Handle the stress

Once you take care of all the costs, logistics and safety, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. You can’t avoid being personally involved, but you can avoid having a nervous breakdown. Be aware of the symptoms which can be indicative of a possible breakdown, such as constant fatigue, irritation, loss of energy and appetite. Don’t ignore their presence or intensity. Slow down, and let others participate and do their share of work, too.



By taking these four steps, you can manage to avoid a total catastrophe during your relocation. Moreover, when things become hectic and chaotic, remember it’s all temporary and you probably won’t have to do it again in a while. So, take a deep breath and look forward to starting over in a new place.


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