5 Exciting Blue Home Design Ideas to Obsess Over

There are many ways to create exemplary environment our home. One way is to join blue shades into the style. Blue has dependably been an indication of freshness and class. Blue is cool shading by nature and it functions admirably with practically any tone whether it’s dark or light.

Blending blue with other shades will give your room a feeling of solidness and moderation. But blue is not a common shade. It is simple to work with chestnut or beige instead of blue. But choosing right shades of blue and combing it with metallic or fresh whites can be truly striking.


  1. Luxe Blue Bedroom:

Decorating an innovative bedroom is not a difficult task. By selecting tints that make you grin as well as upgrade the state of mind. You can plan a room that is peaceful yet still has a lot of panache.

5 Exciting Blue Home Design Ideas to Obsess Over

A shading palette that consolidates a rich shade of naval force blue with immaculate white accents and shrewd space will make it a perfect space for resting and unwinding. Electric blue throw pillows on the full size bed sets will provide necessary comfort and luxury.


2. Contemporary Blue Living Room:

Living room has lots of wood in the form of furniture or doors that’s why choosing a shade for this room is difficult. In this situation consider utilizing correlative hues and blue would settle on as an incredible decision.

5 Exciting Blue Home Design Ideas to Obsess Over

You can utilize blue for the curtains, possibly in blend with different hues, like beige which is an unbiased tone and would not meddle with the focal point of the room. You can also have a textured royal blue wall while rest of the walls is painted in cream color with vintage wooden furniture and carpet.


3. Sophisticated Blue Kitchen:

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking and eating. It’s the genuinely heart of the home. Zaffre blue cupboards and smoked mirror-framed bar and textured ceramics will give the kitchen a classy and modern appeal.

5 Exciting Blue Home Design Ideas to Obsess Over

A duke blue counter will be the eye-catching element in kitchen with white flooring and cabinets.


4. Spa- Blue Bathroom:

A long shower is all you need to wash away your tiredness after a long day. It gives you a quick escape from reality.

5 Exciting Blue Home Design Ideas to Obsess Over

A well designed lavatory is very important in a house. Sparkling blue tiles framing the tub and shower encompass in washroom in a split second pass on a peaceful, spa-like vitality. The beige tone on the vanity will enhance the tile work of the en suite.


5. Decorative Accessories:

A sequence of blue-and-white china dishes reflected in an exemplary divider outside a customary lounge area. Profound blue-green dividers are an intense background for a capricious floor-to-roof display divider highlighting 3-D objects, family photographs, children’s fine art and insect showcase workmanship pieces.

5 Exciting Blue Home Design Ideas to Obsess Over

A blue- gray stripped porcelain vase with short hot pink zinnias. A sapphire earthenware table lamp provides a unique mix of modern and contemporary.


This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at http://mybedcomforter.com/



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