5 Reasons NRIs are keen on Investing in Indian Reality

Why should NRIs choose India to invest? The fact is very clear that the rapid development and growth of various sectors across the nation simultaneously increases the need for residential and corporate spaces. In addition to it, the need also increases the rate and value of the land over the time. This factor attracts NRIs to choose India for real estate investment.

Nevertheless of these elements, here are a few more reasons to say why NRIs want to invest in India.

  1. Own a Home in India:

Today a huge numbers of NRIs are striving to turn back to their home land. However, they also wish to choose their living space in their preferred location, not matter it is a city or town. Similar to many Indians who wish to settle in foreign countries, there are also NRIs who are attracted towards the lifestyle, tradition, natural beauty and culture of India. They are keen to settle in India for long term as part of investment.

  1. Can make a Good Rental Income:

The investment in properties in India will undoubtedly reap a regular and good income to the owners. Be it corporate or residential property, the source of income is certain. This makes most of the young NRIs to think it to be a smartest investment opportunity, therefore they try to buy properties in India and gain some return in the form of rent. In addition to it, they can also make of these rental properties for their business purpose as well, which can reduce their rental burden while running their business.

  1. Continuous growth of the Real Estate Market:

The real estate market in India is experiencing a steady growth from past few decades. Although there is some downfall in the market at some periods, it still continues to grow. Therefore, there is nothing to deny that any investment made at any period will certainly gain a good return with increased value of your property. Moreover, in 2020, the worth of India’s real estate market is expected to be over $180 billion, which further increases the interest of young NRIs to invest in India.

  1. Affordability:

This is another important factor that attracts young NRIs to invest in India. The difference in the value of currencies encourages them to invest hugely in the real estate market of India. In addition to it, the builders are offering many projects at affordable prices, which further pull their attention to buy homes and make an income through rentals.

  1. Government Policies:

With the focus on reviving the economy, the Indian government has also formulated schemes and policies, which maximizes investment options for the young NRIs. This government endeavor is expected to attract more NRIs to invest here.

Besides these factors, there are also many other reasons for the NRIs to look for investment in India, and as the industry is witnessing rapid growth the investment is increasing simultaneously.



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