5 Ways to Decorate your Home with the New Pastels

With the trend in home décor is changing rapidly, homeowners are trying their hand on coming up something new to match the trend. Pastels have taken a sophisticated turn these days and the right usage of it can make your home look more elegant. There are a number of interior designers would suggest you a variety of color combinations of pastel shades. Here there are few ideas showcased for your house to brighten it up and make it an impressionable statement.

Few Ideas to Make it Work Right for your house:

Lighter shades such as pink, blue, green, etc. can make your hall as well as other rooms glow up; be it in any season. Well, on the other hand trying the same style with bold colors won’t go wrong either. Re-decorating your house can be a real interesting task, if you just have the right knowledge of playing with pastel shades and lightings too. Creamy hues will help tone the darker shade and then it would give your room a perfect outline.

  • Light-Dark Shade Match 
    Choosing pastel shades when it comes to décor your house would give you a chance to experiment with lighter and darker shades of color all-together. If you are light shade lover, go for clicking on to colors which would make your home look like a white jewel.
  • Fabulous Backdrop 
    Pastel shades have pale colors which you may select as back drop and then go for dark shade; may be only one such as brown, red or navy blue for your living room. Make it a point to mark your furniture sets accordingly in the living & television rooms.
  • Wallpaper Designs 
    Striped wallpapers, floral designed wallpapers or furnishing in pale blue, pink or mauve can look really good. It looks really smart which can be tried in living rooms & bedrooms. Stripes are quite popular designs in pastels. Mix and match it with neutral wall paints to complete the look.
  • Lively Bedrooms 
    Bedrooms must have light pastel colors where one can get an aura of peace and relaxation; such as light pink, cream or tinted yellow. It also makes your room look larger than it actually is.
  • Right House Furnishings 
    If you furnish your home with apt and small pieces of furniture, it would surely make your house niche. So, flaunt your design with medium or dark shades that won’t leave a second thought for you to worry; twined with wall pastel colors.

A recreated look of your home would make you feel relaxed and fall in love with it again! Go trendy with pastel shades and impress your guests & friends with your creativity.



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