5 Ways to Improve Your Home Decor

There are times when a homeowner notices that the furnishings and fixtures in the house are simply too drab and boring to live with anymore. This feeling may be especially acute during the cold months, when more time is spent in the house. Fortunately, there are inexpensive and easy ways to brighten up a home that has lost its luster. Here are five ways to improve a home’s decor:


Hang a Curtain Indoors

Curtains aren’t just to decorate windows. A curtain or a drape can be hung in the transition between one room or area of the house and another. All that’s needed is to install a track the length or width of the room and hang a curtain. It can be sheer or heavy enough to hide an area of the house that’s temporarily unsightly, like a kitchen as the cook prepares a meal.




Place a Piece of Antique Furniture in the Bathroom

The furniture doesn’t have to be a bona fide antique, just built along the lines of a long ago period. Examples are a mahogany commode in the Chippendale style, a Queen Anne highboy with cartouche-shaped drawer pulls and cabriole legs or even a Hepplewhite secretary or bureau. These pieces not only give interest to the bathroom but have storage space for towels and sundries. Some homeowners even have old commodes repurposed to serve as vanities. Drawers are taken out and rearranged for the plumbing, and either a hole is carved into the top to accommodate the sink or a new top with room for a sink is added. This idea works especially well in an older house with traditional furnishings in the other rooms.




Throw Runners In the Halls

Runners are often made of the remnants of larger carpets and can be very inexpensive. They can be modern, western or Oriental, and they do not have to be particularly tidy. Some homeowners are fond of shingling one runner on top of another on a stone, tile or hardwood floor. Brightly colored runners contrast nicely with these floors, which tend to be dark or neutral.




Move Chairs and Sofas Away From the Walls

This home improvement tip can be done in a few minutes. Moving the seating toward the center of the room makes everything surprisingly intimate and may even make the room look a bit bigger. The homeowner should make sure that traffic can flow easily around the seating and other furniture.




Hang Wall Paper on a Part of the Wall

If a homeowner is in love with a wallpaper pattern that they know would be too overwhelming if hung on all of the walls in a room, they can hang just a bit of it in a conspicuous place. Wallpaper can be hung in the space between two windows or can be a backdrop for the mirror or medicine cabinet in a small and otherwise predominantly white bathroom.


The things a homeowner can do to their decor to give it a bit of a lift are almost endless. Best of all, improvements don’t have to be expensive or difficult.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, the online leader in silver flatware, gifts, replacement pieces and more!



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