6 Factors to consider when choosing Floor in High Rise Buildings

The epitome of living in high rise buildings is a dream of every home buyer. There are so many things to focus on when hunting a perfect apartment to reside. It is aptly said “Sky is the Limit”. The Indian Real Estate has seen rapid development in Skyscraper Constructions in the recent time.

Choosing a perfect residential property has becomes a crucial decision and a part of right long term real estate investment. Be it ground floor, mid floor or high floor, each floor has it pros and cons. It is advisable to consider all the factors and then select the best that suits your living style.

Following are the main highlights that will help you to know which floor you should consider when buying an apartment:

1) View: Definitely, living at high floor offers magnificent view of the city. So if you want to experience, the skyline then considering top level apartments is the best.

2) Proper Light and Ventilation: Top floors when compared to ground floors receive maximum light and ventilation. Also, residents living at top floors experience less intrusion of road chaos and mosquitos. Living in mid-level floors balances the pros and cons of ventilation. Apart from this, apartments at the top floors are likely to experience less dust compared to low level floors.

3) Family Concerns: If you have fear of heights, then living on the top floors can be queasy living. Convenience is very important for your kids and elder members too. If disability and scared of heights are your main concerns, then opting low-level floors is advisable.

4) Noise Pollution: Many people avoid staying away from the noise of the occupants. If noise pollution is your concern, then opting top level floors can be the best. The street noise, kids playing in the common area, and so forth are the main factors experienced by the residents staying at the low level floors.

5) Privacy: Living on the low level floors do not offer much needed privacy to the residents. Many home buyers love solitude and thus want to avoid any unwanted intrusion and opt for top floor.

6) Rental Returns: According to the property survey, lower floor attributes to good rental returns compared to high floor. Residents, in Mumbai and Bengaluru, prefer residing in upper floor while buyers in Delhi and surrounding region prefer lower floor.


Considering the above mentioned factors will definitely assist you in living a ravishing lifestyle at the top floors of the residency.





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