6 Ideas from Stylish Coffee Shops to inspire your own Kitchen!

We all have to agree that drinking coffee at home in the bed is the most comfortable thing to do but going to a café and ordering it has its advantages. You can sit, drink and enjoy the environment and worry about absolutely nothing. The background music and people chattering can be fun quite sometimes. So, if you think about it, you can make your home kitchen more like a café with some straightforward and fun ideas here:


     1. Plants

All cafes have little plants and greenery on the sides and sometimes on the counter too, so you can just go to a plant nursery get some gorgeous looking plants and set them up in your kitchen, on the corners and a small plant on the kitchen table. Just make sure to feed them every day, so they look refreshing every single day.


     2. Bike, Bicycles:

This idea might be a typical café cliché but you can contemplate putting a bike or bicycle up on the wall, an old one preferably. Vintages bikes on the wall would complement the kitchen incredibly, but they will come a little pricey but it will be worth it. This will give a very nice casual look, and you’ll start enjoying your time spent in the kitchen every day.


     3. Mugs:

Get extra-large mugs for your kitchen, and you can set some up on the table near the coffee machine since they are gorgeous as well. Never settle for average looking little mugs, those are too ordinary. Nothing is better than drinking coffee in a mug that nobody else has seen, or has because, to be frank; cafes are all about their mugs and how they present you your drink or meal. The presentation is essential in this subject. So do not use an average mug under any circumstances.


     4. Show off your Beans:

You can get different and extraordinary beans from any grocery store, or you can tell a friend coming back from somewhere famous to get you some. Set your beans in a beautiful looking dish on the table and let everyone see them, just how gorgeous they are. Oh! Beans also smell amazing; they can give a new fragrance to your kitchen as well. The moment you’ll walk into your kitchen you will feel refreshed because of the beautiful smell.


     5. Reading Space:

Wherever you decide to put the setting arrangement in the kitchen, make sure they have a gorgeous looking table next to it, to complement it naturally. Now, put some of your favorite novels on the table along with some latest magazines so whenever you go have coffee there, you’ll have something to keep you entertained. Adding a beautiful rocking chair or a best nursery glider right by the bookshelf will add further beauty to your reading space.


     6. Color:

Mix your coffee mugs and the walls, and the whole kitchen together so it all blends in and looks breath-taking. The shades in the kitchen can also help make it look like a real café. Color and contrast can always make a huge difference in the outcome of a whole project.


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