6 Rental Property Security Tips to Keep your Investment Safe

If you own a rental property, you sure must have worked hard for it. Whether you are in charge of a single unit or a whole building, the security of your investment should be one of your top concerns.

For information on how to improve rental property security, read through these tips.


1. Discuss safety and security concerns with tenants

Alerting your tenants whenever there are any security problems is an excellent way to keep your investment safer. Tenants always feel protected knowing that someone is keeping an eye on the property even with few resources. Constant communication and doing a thorough check on your tenants will give them peace of mind. Also, remember to be in clear terms with tenants and do an in-depth check on them. Take in good and responsible tenants because they impact significantly on your property’s perception by other prospects.


2. Set up a lobby checkpoint

Establishing a lobby checkpoint can beef up the security in large buildings where it is hard to keep track of the people getting in and out of the establishment. A checkpoint could be a doorman, a security station or an intercom system and buzzer that ensures visitors without a key get permission from the tenants before getting into the building. Although it may sound costly, a checkpoint goes a long way in boosting security and providing your tenants with peace of mind.


3. Boost your window and door security

Most windows cannot be opened from outside but do not have a lock on the inside either. This makes it easier for burglars to smash the window and get to the latch. Installing locks on your windows will make it harder to break into the house.

Install solid wooden or metallic doors on the entrances and avoid doors with windows or weak wood which is easy to smash in.


4. Carry out regular maintenance and repair

Scheduling regular checks and maintenance is one of the safest ways to ensure that you donot compromise the integrity of your investment. In addition, always respond to tenant’s requests for repairs.This will help you keep up with repair and maintenance needs. Otherwise, you could discourage good tenants or get sued for injuries caused by defectiveness. Some tenants may withhold rent and do the repairs themselves or even move out without giving notice.


5. Update your security system

Is your security system good enough? Smart home security systems are becoming increasingly popular because of their efficiency and accessibility. You can link your security system to the motion detectors, light controls, and smoke detectors.

Automatic lighting systems can be operated remotely, giving you control over both exterior and interior lights even when you are not at home. Such systems can make you look like you are always at home, scaring away burglars.


6. Hire a property manager

Asset management firms specialize in taking care of your property. They can handle most if not all of the security concerns and other responsibilities including tenant screening and scheduling checks and maintenance among others. Your work can be simplified a great deal by a property manager.

Securing the property is an essential part of your investment if you are to get good tenants and keep making aprofit. As we have seen, good tenants bring more good tenants.

It is important to maintain good communication with tenants to get updated and solve issues as fast as possible.


About the Author: Elena is the Content Marketing Writer at Malta Real Estate, responsible for managing the content calendar and contributing to the creation of Sotheby’s Realty’s free educational materials, such as blog articles, eBooks and webinars.



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