The Advantages of Living in Indian Townships

Whether you call it a city within a city or the suburb area of a large city, the Indian townships are doing well and handling the overflowing population in the urbanized city really well. The business setup consultants in Dubai, due to the rising trade and population, have several times referred to building township areas for an improved living. The Indian states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka are the four top states that have their own township areas. These areas were built to overcome the haphazard challenges of the premature expansion of large and developed cities. These self-governed and self-managed units are now the top class areas where people wish to live.

Looking deep into the reasons of why these township areas are established, we can see that the increasing population of a large city is the major cause. This might be due to the migration from the rural area to the urban city in search of employment, the overall increase in the growth rate of the country or due to increased immigration of the foreign residents. Either way, it has led to the development of the township areas which in itself are the epitome of sustainable, quality and peaceful living.

The advantages of living in the Indian township areas are as follows:


High-quality living experience

One of the main advantages of living in the township area is to enjoy the high-quality of life there. The town is clean, houses are spacious and sufficient, and you get to do what you want and live in peace. Moreover, what attracts the people most to the township areas is the fascinating walk-to-work concept. With the partnership of the public and private agencies, the status of the township area is largely improved.


Availability of outstanding amenities

The amenities which one needs in a society where he lives include grocery shops, shopping markets, school for kids, clinic or hospital, clean water supply and provision of at least the main things. Food, shelter and water are readily available in these areas. You can easily enjoy your trips to the sports arena, movie theaters, parks and other attractive built in the township area. All of this largely shows the improvement in the standards of living here.


Better built environment and infrastructure

The round the clock availability of the infrastructure in the township allows the people to access the things they want. The outclass construction of roads and walking pathways gives them a route to their nearest amenity store. The environment is made better by dividing the whole space into different sections and making sure that the overall blueprint of the society isn’t crowded or complex.


Strong administration

The townships are the self-managed and self-governed areas. From the residential to retail, recreational and commercial, all the areas are well-designed. The credit goes to the administrative team of the society. As these areas aren’t under the direct control of the government, the advancement in the area is quite appealing. The administration is responsible for setting the township rules, protecting the environment here, meeting the residents demand and providing them the essentials of life.


Advanced security measures are taken in these areas

The people who live here often talk about the freedom and secure living that they experience in the townships. This is because of the great security and safety measures that are taken by the township’s administration. They keep a check on the visitors in a respectfully and make sure no intruder gets in the areas. The CCTVs, 24/7 monitoring and services of the security guards make the area safe to live. The chances of robbery, burglary and theft are reduced to a minimum and it is made sure that every house, shop and all the people are protected.


Better care of hygiene and health

Another huge advantage of living in the township is breathing in fresh, non-polluted air. The air, noise and water pollution in these areas is next to zero if compared to the urban cities. The industrial units are not much in number and this helps in eliminating pollution from the area. Those who work and run their businesses here are given a strict order to maintain the cleanliness decorum here. There are proper garbage and waste disposal systems, sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting and water resource management systems in the area.


Profitable business for renters and estate agents

The houses here are professionally managed and maintained. This gives an added benefit to the renters and improves their job financially.  The rental yield of clean, interiorly nice and properly ventilated houses is quite high. The township areas succeed in providing such residential areas and so help the rental agents make a profit.


Maximum livability potential

The livability of a place is determined by the open spaces parks, gardens and jogging track that it has. As the townships are specially designed to offer better living, these areas have a good livability potential. The presence of these amenities freshen the environment and makes the living area eco-friendly.

With so many advantages at hand, who wouldn’t want to live in a peaceful, clean and developed township area? These areas now offer the quality of life that the urban areas once promised in the past.


Author Bio: Brenda Cagara

Brenda Cagara has been writing for blogs, articles and websites for five years now. She had a fair share of writing on different categories but her full focus on social media, business and finance. Now, she is working with Riz & Mona Consultancy that offers Dubai company formation and business setup in all UAE. Other services are product registration, trade license, bank account, local sponsors, visa processing and Dubai freezone company setup, trade mark and many more.

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