Be Bold, Be Green !!

Green, as a color, epitomizes life; it infuses energy, grandeur and success in every other shade, simply with its realistic hues and tints. For this very reason, it’s one of our all time favorite colors. Blessed be, it came as no surprise that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 is also Green, or Greenery, to be precise.

As per Pantone, the color has been well described as a zesty yellow-green shade, which depicts the onset of the spring season. As per Pantone’s CEO, Leatrice Eiseman, the color infuses hope to evolve from a series of complex social and political situations, while being able to rejuvenate and revitalize our very thoughts and moods.

This trans-seasonal shade is the perfect hue for connecting with nature and bringing out the best in all that it has to offer. Given the versatility of the color, it is safe to remark that the color goes well with neutral and bright colors as well as with pastels and metallic colors.


The color of the year – Interiors, fashion and much more

With the revitalizing power intact, the color has already weaved its way into the homes and interiors of people all over the world. Right from delectable interiors to fashion runway themes to well designed luxury cars, Greenery has become one of the most desired colors in 2017.

Bringing a feeling of newness, vibrancy and brightness into dull interiors, the color of the year is said to invoke thoughts of foliage, which merge with the oneness and freshness of nature. Imagine the effect it would have on your very interiors, as each wall correlates to another, bringing about the subtlety in your decor. After all, if change is what you crave, then this color definitely needs to be on top of your color palette.



When it comes to dousing the interiors in this tint, there has always been reluctance in the minds of people, considering the acceptability quotient. However, given the recent popularity, there has been a paradigm shift in the minds of people, as the color gains a lot of acceptability amongst the classes and the masses alike. As more and more people begin the embrace the rejuvenating factors it offers, there are high chances of demand for this natural shade.

Since Green possesses a lot of neutral traits, it can be used in a variety of large and small doses. No matter if you want to couple it with other neutrals, or accentuate it by making it into a foundation for other bright colors, rest assured, there is a lot on offer. Despite the neutral shades, if you still feel green makes you go wah-wah-woom, you can even try infusing touches of greenery around the house. Use different yet palatable variations in throw pillows; if that is all too much for you to digest, then go natural all the way, by adding a fresh plant inside the room.


Pantone green color

No matter what your options are, you can always look forward to something different with the Color of the Year by Pantone. Try the bountiful shade for your own self and see the difference. Rest assured, there will be a lot of positivity and natural inspirations which will bring you all the more closer to Mother Nature.


This Guest Post is written by Priyankit Mahajan, Founder, Sybaritic Spaces.

The Studio Sybaritic Spaces materializes dreams and expectations by focusing on creativity and thoroughly attentive to new trends, elaborate exclusive designs, contemplating aesthetics, functionality and great taste. We prioritize layouts which are fully geared for comfort, well-being, intimate atmosphere and conducive to the development of good ideas. A conceptual image is being built through the implementation of bolder and innovative design, which is always focused on meeting customer expectations.


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