Changing Scenario in the Real Estate sector with Virtual Reality Technology

Gone are those days when potential buyers in the real estate sector had to face a harrowing time selecting properties of their choice and often falling prey to their indecisions. Those were the days when a product could be inspected in the conventional way, with the eyes only to explore the possibilities. With Virtual Reality technology stepping in this era of innovation, buyers as well as agents in the India real estate market can now dwell on the innovative experience of having properties being displayed virtually.

Dream Homes aren’t Far

Buyers can now feel that their dream homes are not far away, with the VR technology providing an immersive experience in broadening the spectrum of their vision through using gadgets like computer processors with advanced features, 3D audio and OLED screen having high refresh rates.

Real Estate Industry being revolutionized

With VR devices of the present era, providing a wider field of vision with facility for head tracking with ultra-low latency, the real estate industry enters an age of revolution. To mention some of the VR devices, there is the Occulus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and others that are set for release in their consumer version by the first quarter of this year. Imagine touring multiple properties from the comfort of your office or home or from the office of a realtor. Virtual walks through a corridor, being inside an innovatively decorated kitchen or diving into the swimming pool will be an exciting experience for buyers.

Benefits of using the VR Head Sets

Using the VR Head Sets, buyers in the real estate market will be able to get more details of any property which will include the minutest of details which will help them take an informed decision. Realtors in the industry are using the VR devices more widely to ensure that along with buyers, they also are benefited. A realtor will be able to address the features of a home while the client is on a virtual tour from location to location.

Advantage for both buyer and realtor

VR technology has placed both buyers and realtors at a vantage point, where buyers are being able to inspect every nook and corner of even a multi storied apartment or condo, and the realtor being able to showcase any project whatever the size may be, well before being constructed. They can even experience the features in a 3D environment, which will help them have a better experience in buying and in taking decisions. Developers will have more chances to convince their clients through virtual demonstration.

As things stand, VR technology is spearheading the development of the booming real estate sector in India, making both developers and buyers meet at a point for their mutual benefit.


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