How To Create An Effective Landscape Design?

Proper planning is crucial for any landscape designing process. A professional designer would always begin the process, with a detailed research work while consulting the topographical map. Accordingly, the professional will use graphs and trace papers to develop certain conceptual sketches, final renderings and preliminary elevations, depending on different visions and ideas.


Sketching The Basic Grid Layout

This is the first step towards an effective landscape designing procedure. Focus on the area available for the landscaping purpose. Measure it and note down the statistics properly. Use a graph paper to transfer these basic dimensions to draw a landscape map. You can also use online map designing tools for the purpose. Once the map is created, you need to plot every single position, which tends to be fixed within the design and cannot be changed like big trees, yard entrances, buildings, irrigation systems, driveways, views, etc. Place a compass at a corner of the map. This will help in identifying the shadow and sunlight patterns properly.


Sketching Out Different Compositions

This step is necessary for the success of your landscaping project. Use the basic graph and sketch different landscape design Southampton styles, with varied paths, proportions, and compositions. You can use the photocopies of the basic map and try different compositions to understand what works best. You can include elements like, patios and shrubs to match with different compositions. But, in the process, never overlook the practical detailing part like, the accessibility of the required elements, electricity option for watering and lighting purpose, the positioning of the irrigation system, etc.


Creating The Final Layout

Once you are done with the above two steps, it is time to create the final layout. This is the part of your job where you actually take part in real-time gardening and landscape designing. It would be interesting to create colorful flower beds, see the cryptic labels morphing over those cute green blobs, and planting shrubs to spread the perfect green effect. This is very similar to the concept of decorating the interiors of a room where visualizing textures, patterns, shapes, and colors through different mix-n- matching formats sync perfectly together.

Before shopping for the plants, shrubs, and perennials, make sure that the planning is perfect to cater to space. You need to focus on your priorities and goals in regard to landscape designing. At the same time, you must have a clear idea about how the end project would look like. This can be done through a detailed site analysis and develop the perfect designing plan. Accordingly, shop for the best gardening hardware materials and plant bodies to give shape to the project. It is always recommended to make the choice of plants and materials for the gardening purpose right before the start of your project. Such an approach prevents any kind of unnecessary confusion and hesitating situations during the ongoing process.


Author Bio: Barkha Fernandez is a horticulturist and landscape designing consultant. She has worked, with many landscape design Southampton firms, on exclusive gardening projects.

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