DLF The Primus – Luxury Ahead of its Time

Prime amongst luxury and customized for those who understand the value of luxury. When affluence combines with trust you get a property as acclaimed as The Primus. It would offer indulgence to the ones passionate about life. It would fulfill the lifestyle of the ones born to enjoy luxury in true sense.


Design Consultant: ARCOP

Landscape Consultant: PAUL FRIEDBERG, USA


Possession: Quarter 2, 2017


  • VRV air-conditioned apartments.
  • Air-conditioned entrance halls and lift lobbies.
  • Double glazed windows in all bedrooms and living/ dining areas.
  • Modular kitchen and pre-fitted wardrobes.
  • Contemporary kitchen fitted with range of appliances.
  • Beautifully landscaped greens.
  • 3.2 m floor to floor height.


The DLF Project Prime Location:

  • Close to NH 8
  • Close to commercial business district of Gurgaon at sector 74A/75A
  • Easy access from all points in Delhi and Gurgaon
  • From Central Delhi via 60m/ 150m wide NH 8.
  • From South Delhi via 90 m wide Southern Periphery Road.
  • From Dwarka via 150 m wide Northern Periphery Road.


DLF The Primus – Homes Specifications:

  • For better safety, structure designed for the highest seismic considerations of Zone V for high rise structures, against Zone IV as stipulated by the Indian codes.
  • Air Conditioned apartment, with energy efficient VRV/ VRF system excluding kitchen, toilet & S.room.
  • Air Conditioned Entrance Halls and Lift Lobbies.
  • Eco friendly environment with Rain Water Harvesting system to recharge aquifer, and use of treated water from STP for flushing and horticulture.
  • Hot water supply through geysers in Toilets, Kitchens in addition to pre-heated water supply through Solar Water Heaters to geysers in Kitchens.





















Address:  Sector 82A,  NH 8, Gurgaon


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Project Details: DLF The Primus


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