How to Handle Troublesome Neighbors in your Apartment

Whether you’re living in an apartment or a housing colony, there are always some neighbors who can be a downright nuisance – some even turn out be complete nightmares. This can make life pretty difficult. But the fact is that you have to see those people nearly every single day – so how will you handle troublesome neighbors in your apartment in Calicut?


The most common problems created by neighbors, especially in an apartment building are:

  • Being loud and noisy: watching TV or playing music with the volume turned up, kids shouting while playing, constantly moving furniture, banging stuff against the wall, and so on.
  • Leaving trash outside the door overnight; this can attract flies, cockroaches, cats and ants – who can all find their way into your apartment
  • Then you have the bullies – stopping your kids from playing, for instance
  • The extremely absent minded neighbor who leaves taps open and goes on a vacation, and water leaks into your apartment


There are several ways of dealing with such issues. The official way is to raise the matter in a meeting of the flat owners’ association. But this may cause some tension between you and the neighbor concerned. To have harmonious living in your Calicut flat, it would be best to deal with such issues before they blow up and become big problems.

  • If you move into a new apartment building, make it a point to meet your neighbors, and get to know one another; Set some ground rules early on that are agreeable to the majority so that the possibility of problems is minimized.
  • Talk to other neighbors and find out if they are also facing similar problems from this particular family/person; if no, appraise them of the problem you’re facing and discuss how to tackle it.
  • Meet the problem neighbor at a neutral place – the lobby, garden etc., and talk to him politely; point out that their acts are creating problems for you and you’re finding it difficult to carry on.
  • Offer some alternatives to the neighbor so that you don’t come across as merely a complainer.
  • You could try giving the neighbor a taste of their own medicine – though nobody can predict which way this will go!
  • If the neighbor in question continues to be aggressive, make sure you involve other neighbors – try to bring them as mediators
  • Keep a record of the transgressions by the neighbor; if things get out of hand and even the association is not able to solve the problem, you can file a police complaint. Having a clear record of all the events will help you.


By and large, people are peaceful and won’t do things purposely to trouble others; pointing out their mistakes in time may save the day!

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