Hyundai Concept Car Connected to Homes via Mobility Vision Concept

It seems “home is where the car is,” at least that what Hyundai thinks so and has showcased its innovation of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES 2017) in the US. The automaker’s Mobility Vision Concept envisions the world of up-close and personal mobility, where the car is an extension of your home or vice versa.

The Mobility Vision concept study quite literally drops the wall separating a home and a car. It explores how an autonomous car can be integrated into the smart home of the future. The working brief Hyundai says, is to “blur the line between mobility and living and working space, integrating the car into the daily lives of users.”

Hyundai Mobility Vision Concept

Hyundai’s concept docks to your home and the driver’s seat pivots out and into the living room, replacing a chair or a sofa. Similarly, it pivots back to the car in the passenger space, should the owner have to be driven around. The car can also act as air conditioner or emergency generator for the home and will connect with the home’s screens and speakers.

Needless to say, the Hyundai Mobility Vision concept explores the possibilities of autonomous vehicles further while offering the world to you with a host connectivity options onboard. In addition, the Hyundai emissions-free car also comes with the new Ioniq electric scooter that is integrated into the door. You just pull out the Ioniq scooter and ride it to the last leg of your journey, thereby ensuring last mile connectivity.


























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