How to increase the lifespan of your house

Plenty of people looking to invest in residential projects in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore wonder about the lifespan of their homes. Buying a house is a major investment, something that most people tend to do only once in a lifetime. Therefore it is something that every individual looking to buy a home thinks about before opting to go for a particular property. Typically, the lifespan of a concrete building, whether residential or commercial is somewhere around 75 years to 100 years considering that all other conditions remain ideal. However, it is to be remembered that the average age of a property or a house is close to 40 years whereas the average age for an apartment is somewhere around 60 years. This average lifespan can be further increased with only minimal maintenance.

So when you are thinking of buying an apartment or a house or currently living in one, a major concern that you are likely to have is how long your home is going to stand erect and ensure the best performance for you. It is true that any property, however magnificent it might be, goes through slow degradation through the years. While it has been a proven fact that homes that feature eco-friendly and green constructions tend to have longer life spans, typically the age for normal properties can be enhanced by performing basic maintenance tasks such as painting, repairing, remodeling and handpicking right materials for a renovation project. Anyone who is looking to buy a flat for sale in Sarjapur Road should learn everything about building maintenance and how the lifespan of a home can be increased so as to ensure better security and protection for the family members.

Experienced architects and builders from various sections of India agree to the fact that every home, no matter the type and nature of construction, is subjected to a number of natural forces and weathering elements that eventually leads to its decline. One of the most important factors that are responsible for the eventual degradation of a building or a house is the constant interaction that it goes through with the immediate environment as well as all sorts of abuse carried out by the inmates or residents. All the water-ways, the service lines and various other allied services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Such constant usage often makes them wear out in due course of time. Moreover, inexpertly designed homes, poor construction quality, poorly designed windows and door openings, inferior quality waterproofing, low quality paints, inferior workmanship and improper plumbing layouts may also lead to the aging of a property well before its time. Compared to the apartments, the process of degradation for the individual homes happens in a much slower fashion. This is so because in an apartment, everyone living with it shares the common services and they all respond to it differently. Moreover, in an individual home, everyone in the home takes special care about the maintenance of the property and makes sure that it does not go through any damage. Such care and concern is not shared by the multiple families that reside within an apartment complex.

It is extremely necessary to only make use of long lasting and high quality materials such as natural stones are utilized during the construction phase. That is why the makers of the flats in Sarjapur Road leave no stone unturned to make sure that the buildings are constructed in the best possible manner. Moreover, practices such as regular cleaning, frequent painting, safe segregation and proper disposal of all household waste, yearly checking and maintenance work as well as addressing any growth of fungus or termite and/or dampness at the walls and plinth levels, yearly polishing and painting of wooden elements such as doors and window frames as well as regular pest control helps to maintain the building structure in good shape. Special maintenance tasks may be required as well based on the geographical location of a home.

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