Fashion entrepreneur Kalyani Chawla’s artistic home in New Delhi

Kalyani Saha Chawla’s work in fashion has given her razor-sharp insights into the world of style—her love of art, a strong sense of aesthetic.

Towards the end of a narrow road in south-west Delhi’s Mehrauli neighbourhood, a pristine, white, double-storeyed structure encloses within it vibrant art, and its even more colourful owner, Kalyani Saha Chawla. Kalyani is a fashion entrepreneur, Luxurista, a luxury consultant, and a lover of art. Growing up in Kolkata, the daughter of an idealistic, passionate, and intense family, she spent her most impressionable years in a rambling, joint-family mansion on Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road. She has memories of black-and-white chequered marble floors, patterned and trellised glass doors, and art everywhere.

Her New Delhi house has, in a manner, carried the story forward. The floors may not be chequered, but the doors are glass, and there is art everywhere. The granddaughter of legendary style maven Reba Rani Saha and daughter of noted gallery owner, Alaknanda Saha, Kalyani loves art.

Since Kalyani entertains so much, she has reserved the two rooms upstairs as the private quarters, with one room for her, and the second for her daughter, Tahira Tara. The space she refers to as “the den” has one of Kalyani’s favourite purchases—a Riyas Komu painting of a youth’s face juxtaposed with a red star. It is a delightful, light-filled room, with an ancient Persian carpet on the floor, and books everywhere. A guest would be beguiled.

Surrounded by the things she loves, gifts accepted with deep appreciation, objects collected with care, Kalyani is at peace. “I really love this house. Once here, I don’t feel like leaving. When my daughter Tahira is here, it resonates with her energy, her laughter and the voices of her friends. When she is away, the art does the same. And that gives me great joy.” Meanwhile, the doorbell is ringing; guests are waiting to pour in.


Here’s a Sneak peak into Kalyani Saha Chawla’s New Delhi Home. See Inside Pictures:





















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