Professional tips for designing the master bedroom with attached bath

Just to let you know that the living room is not the biggest asset of the house you live in, nor is the kitchen. Have you ever wondered why the master bedroom is more important than these rooms? It is the safest haven to chuck out the tiredness rather than the lounge in the living room.

Interior designers pay attention to bedroom design and advice owners to create valid themes keeping outdoor views in mind, lighting, ventilation, attached bath and furniture. We present an overview of what to expect from potential interior designers. The city has enough green cover and scenic views where bedroom windows let in the fresh air.


Draw up the list

Ideally the best way to start is to make a wish list (of needs and then wants) for the master bedroom. Keeping in touch with the current lifestyles, an interior design company will offer the latest trends that are popular in the city. People buy 2 BHK or 3 BHK homes where builders offer trusted interior designers services to allow home owners to create the master bedroom. Currently, a master bedroom comes with an attached bathroom and this part of the house is considered the most private area.

The necessities to draw up the list and estimated budget should have the following factors to discuss with the design team:

  • Floor pattern
  • Size of bed according to the room size
  • Curtains, windows, ventilations and doors
  • Wall paints, coverings
  • Plumbing fixtures for the bathroom
  • Sliding doors leading to bathroom
  • Walk-in cupboards, attached dressing area
  • Lighting, colour selections
  • Lounge and other furniture
  • Television or music system to be inducted
  • Does the bedroom have a balcony too? Will it need plants and sitting area for two?
  • Cabinetry attached with bed, a book case perhaps?

It may be difficult to explain to the designer what precisely you wish to do in the bedroom. But once you have cleared the air, interior design firms offer a consultancy and professional tips to execute the wish list. You will need to prepare the budget to prune the wish list or make any more additions to it. This way you will be on track and maintain timelines.


Themes for the master bedroom

Young couples may like a simple romantic theme to design the master bedroom. Most themes come alive with the choice of colours for other age groups too. For a romantic theme, the choice of reds, shades of pinks and whites are ideal. The wall colours will have to be choosen keeping in mind the lighting that will be added later. Wall colour and lighting are interdependent in creating the correct look. Leave it to the designer’s sensibilities to pick the right lighting fixtures and paints according to your taste and most importantly the budget.

How would the same scheme look if it is extended to the attached bathroom? Think about it. It may make the space larger and seemless. Having lighting in the split ceiling area offer a romantic feel.

Work closely with the design professional to understand the furniture requirement based on the space constraints. The layout of the room should enable the expert to choose the light and dark shades of furniture and cupboards. As light falls how will the furniture look? While the kid’s bedroom could have a neon look the adult room will require some subtle accessories.

A lounge with suitable upholstery placed towards the balcony is ideal to have morning coffee. It helps the owner to brace for the long working day. Addition of music system and a small bookcase with a reading lamp besides the bed can be the ideal distractions from television or after tiring day. If the attached bathroom is spacious instead of a tub, a mini jacuzzi can be installed for ultimate relaxation. While these things are being planned clutter should be avoided. If you need to remove the music system do so and stick to the small book case mounted on the wall.

PS: A large or small bed will dictate the energy in the room. Keeping it in mind the rest of the designing should be planned. It should not be too near to the attached bath. Speak to a design firm to see how they apply the principles of their experience to make a practical and pretty space.


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