Why is Sarjapur Road The Hottest Destination for IT and Realty?

Bangalore became a transformed city once it rode the IT wave. This meant that not only were numerous jobs created as a result, this also meant that all the takers for these jobs that had been created would also not be just from Bangalore. People who would be coming from outside would need places to stay, whether to rent or buy. This is how the growth of one industry complemented the growth of another and that is how the city of Bangalore benefited to become one of the best cities to live in India.


What’s new?

While Bangalore may have had reasons for people to buy property earlier, now it had two solid reasons: the growth of a major industry and the fact that this had put real estate into a position in which it did not have too many choices, but to grow and expand. This meant that people who were earlier not interested in buying property in Bangalore, now for just investment purposes, would be giving it a second thought.

The main reason for this was that there would surge in the number of properties that were going to be developed and the number of neighbourhoods in and around the main city that would face these changes. This showed that the demand for property had gone up by a noticeable amount and that meant that the cost of property would also go up with the increase in demand.

  • Location and connectivity: This is one of the prime reasons that any location in any city across the world becomes one of the prime locations in that particular city. In favour of Sarjapur works the fact that not only is it located along the Outer Ring Road, it also has excellent connectivity to the IT hub nearby which has an approximate employee count of 2 lakh.


  • Real estate prices: Whether one is looking purely for investment purposes, or to move into a place which is closer to their place of work, the cost of property in this area is more than favourable. This was expected to happen once the main areas of the city had reached it saturation point.


  • Infrastructure nearby: Not only does this area have an SEZ park, it is also known for the natural greenery it provides along with a natural water body like the Billapura Lake. Apart from this, there are various educational institutions which have made Sarjapur their address.


  • Future development: Most of the other prime locations have reached saturation point and there is still some way for Sarjapur to reach that point. In the meantime, while the prices are favourable, it is better to go ahead and choose a property in one of the most upcoming areas in India’s property hotshot locations.


This is what happened with areas that may not have been the most favourable earlier but are now donning a ‘prime location’ tag thanks to the infrastructural development that would have taken place. One of these areas is upcoming villa projects in Sarjapur road and the reasons why this is one of the best locations for IT companies and a real estate player is mentioned below.

Bangalore‘s is a story that will have become legend, just like any other business destination in the world. It has had its struggles and now it’s on the way to finding the right balance between greenery and industry. Thanks to property and infrastructure development away from the city. Although not exactly satellite townships, Bangalore’s hottest property destinations are well connected outskirts, leading the city into becoming one of the best urban-development case studies ever.



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