Silverglades The Melia – The Best Of Suburban Living

Spread over 17.5 acres, The Melia is a housing experience that thoughtfully blends in with the environment to create the ideal living space for every family. Strategically located at sector 35 Sonha, just a short drive from the Golf Course Extension Road, these modern homes have been designed to create a safe and rewarding habitat that will stand the test of time.

Resting at the foothills of the Aravallis, The Melia creates a special tropical charm by bringing in the landscape into the built space for an atmosphere that is ecologically sustainable and conducive to private enjoyment. Details such as orientation and circulation within and without the built space have been harnessed with a view to creating an ideal living environment.

Club House: Good Energy And Camaraderie

Even as Melia thoughtfully accommodates each family’s and individual’s need for privacy, it has been designed to foster a community spirit through the context of group activities and recreation. Ensconced in greenery, the club is the perfect venue for occasions of varying formats.









Address: Sector 35 Sohna Road, Sohna


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