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There’s so much written about the benefits of walking, different ways of walking, new ways to walk that you think there’s very little you didn’t know about it.  Let’s instead deconstruct it down to walking 1 kilometer and look at it from different perspectives.

One – To start with, what is 1 kilometer? It’s 1250 – 1300 steps, depending on your gait and length of stride. Did you know that an average human, even if you are not a very active person, walks 2000 – 5000 steps during the course of the day, just on everyday routine? So then the question is, does a person need to walk more to keep fit and healthy? The answer is yes. Which brings us to the next point.

Two – Have you heard about the 10,000 steps a day fitness program? It’s a program started in Japan in the 60’s, which after research and study concluded that 10,000 steps a day was the optimum limit that a person needs to undertake to remain fit and healthy. That’s about 8 kilometers! The Japanese people do have one of the longest lifespans among all nations, so maybe it’s something to emulate. But practically speaking, that’s a rather long goal to achieve or sustain for an average person on a daily basis.

Three – So then let’s look at the ‘most loved, yet most abused word’ in relation to health and fitness – ‘calories.’ People obsess with calories and equate all they eat to how many calories they consume. A 1 kilometer walk done at an average pace, which is 10-12 minutes per kilometer, burns about 35 calories. A person needs to burn anywhere between 200 – 500 calories through exercise in addition to what is burned through routine activities. Just sitting and talking for an hour can burn 60-70 calories. Or light housework burns 100-150 calories.  A brisk walk, jog or run would increase the number of calories burnt in 1 kilometer, exponentially.

Four – A Stanford study has proved that walking amidst nature provides cognitive and mood uplifting benefits.  It blocks negative thoughts and helps in happy and creative thinking. City life is a stressor in itself, hence taking a walk in that same stressful environment adds to mental strain. Imagine a well-designed 1 kilometer long walkway or walking path set within an urban park, which is within the environs of one’s residence. It doesn’t have to be just in one’s imagination. Large residential complexes such as Sobha City in Gurgaon are increasingly being designed to include such facilities.

Five– Oxygen intake – the amount of oxygen we take in during the walk cleans out the effects of pollution that one faces within the city or on daily commute, repairs cellular damage that is responsible for numerous diseases, promotes anti-aging, reduces anxiety and stress and increases immunity and well-being. So a good walk doesn’t just have to be linked to cardio, a slow walk amongst a green urban park is equally beneficial.

That’s 5 more reasons that a 30-minutes-walk, 5 times a week is necessary for a person’s well-being. Which is 3 to 4 rounds on a 1 kilometer track. Walk, jog, run, walk-n-talk, listen to music, go bird spotting – just go for it.


About Sobha City Gurgaon:

Carrying forward its unparalleled reputation of making high quality homes, Sobha brings its next landmark project to Delhi NCR. Being developed on over 39 acre of land, Sobha City is one of the single largest group housing projects in Gurgaon. The sheer size allows indulgence of more absolute open green views, more amenities, more sports and more social activities. Your arrival experience at Sobha City is grand. A stunning water feature greets you at a magnificent thirty-two meter wide entrance plaza. The moment you drive in, the magnitude of the development strikes you as you soak in the splendid cricket field and the vast resort style lakelet surrounded by lavish pool decks. The towers built meticulously in straight line architecture, stand tall along the periphery of the complex, ensuring uninterrupted central spaces and views.With two clubs, multiple lawns and parks, specially designed camping grounds, paved pathways, podium greens, more than a kilometer long walking and biking trail and designer landscaped greens; Sobha City gives you an urban park experience unlike any other.

  • 39 Acre big scale group housing development
  • Overlooking Delhi’s reserved greens and exclusive villa communities
  • Planned around amenities for easier access
  • 8.5 Acre Urban Park
  • Unhindered magnificent views and a profusion of amenities

Sobha City is a 39 acre development located in sector 108, Gurgaon at a mere 15 – 20 minute drive from Dwarka and T3, IGI New Delhi. Surrounded by Delhi reserved greens on 2 sides with only farmhouses and low-rise future developments, Sobha City has an impressive 500 mtr frontage on the operational 75 mtr road that connects Dwarka with NH8, making it a sought-after location.

Owing to the location, size and shape of the land, the views from these homes are envisaged to be unhindered and spectacular with active sports and lifestyle amenities and 85% open and green spaces. Sobha City is expected to be one of the best developments by Sobha till date.

The sheer size allows indulgence of more absolute open green views, more amenities, more sports and more social activities including 8.5+ acres of Urban Park, 90m dia cricket ground, 2 club houses, specially designed camping grounds, paved pathways, podium greens, more than a kilometer long walking and biking trail & much more . Overall Sobha City offers more than 16 sports and social luxuries, promising an upscale living experience like never before.

In addition to meticulously planned amenities and enviable lifestyle, Sobha City promises Sobha’s signature quality design and execution, making a development that will transform the way people perceive quality in real estate!


Sobha City The Amenities:

  • 8.5+ acres of Urban Park
  • 90 Meter dia cricket ground with professionally prepared pitch and landscaped outfield
  • Resort style organic shaped water body comprising 60m+ long swimming pool, kids pool and an island deck for relaxation, spread over 27,000+ sq.ft
  • Party lawn of approx 10,000 sqft. adjacent to a lush camping ground
  • 2 Oval Club Houses measuring ~40,000 sq.ft with multipurpose halls, cafe, entertainment room, children’s play area, library and cards room
  • A 1 km walking and bike trail of 4m width around the active zones without vehicular traffic interference
  • 2 state-of-the-art gymnasiums
  • Full size basketball court
  • 3 tennis courts
  • Squash court
  • Badminton court
  • Volleyball court
  • Skating rink
  • An in-house convenient shopping and retail zone


The Residences Gurgaon

  • Sobha City offers 2 & 3 Bedrooms residences ranging from 1380 sqft to 2342 sqft
  • Laid out 4 to a floor in each tower with optimum size balconies and wall thickness of 160 mm, the apartments at Sobha City are efficiently designed
  • The towers are well spaced out ensuring privacy for the residents. Moreover, apartment entrances donot face each other nor do they have common walls. Master bedrooms have been placed for enhanced privacy and better views.
  • Homes are functionally planned with thoughtfully designed layouts and optimally sized living spaces for maximum space utilization Large windows and naturally lit atriums ensure an open living experience with best utilization of light and space.


The Location Advantages:

A well laid out plan for its development and its proximity to Delhi’s existing social infrastructure gives Upper Dwarka Expressway a unique position. Post independence, modern India’s first initiative to develop a new Diplomatic Enclave is also coming up in the vicinity. This will redefine the infrastructure in the entire area. The major commercial zones, which are in close proximity, are expected to house a cross section of work spaces, hospitality brands and retail developments. The area will see a high number of families settling in the Upper Dwarka Expressway as over 25,000 units are expected to be ready for handover in the next four years. It is around the same time, when phase 1 of Sobha City, will also be nearing possession. With population settlement already in progress, development of commercial establishments and social infrastructure underway around this project, the area is expected to grow impressively.






















Address:  Sector 108, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon


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