Steps for Installing Top Quality Blinds for Your Window

There are two basic reasons to install blinds – one is if you want a change from regular curtains, and the second is to make sure that the temperature and the passage of air and light inside your room is properly controlled. Blinds, when installed for your windows, and at times even for your doors, give your room a very clean and sleek look. 




  • How to Buy the Right Blinds For Your Windows

To choose the right one for your windows, you can either do an extensive research to find them yourself, or you can hire a professional from a specialty blinds store who will come to your place and measure your windows and help you pick the right blinds. Or you can even shop online. Whatever option you chose, this article will help you out with installing top quality blinds for your windows.




  •  Getting Started

Blinds of all materials and designs are available in the market these days, ranging from vertical, horizontal, woven wooden blinds to faux wooden blinds, bamboo blinds and the famous Venetian blinds. The first thing that you will have to do is measure the width and length of your windows. Once you have done this, choose the kind of blinds you want for your windows or doors. Now, strategize – if you want your windows to look larger, install the blinds on their outer mounts, and if you want your windows to look sleek install them on the inner mount of your windows.


If you have a hired professional who is installing top quality blinds, you can breathe easy. However, if you are doing it yourself, you must make sure that you have not just the blinds but any accessories that come along so that you can set it up without hassle. Most blinds come with step-by-step instructions for installing them, so follow them precisely if you want your blind installation to go smoothly. You will need brackets, which are essential to connect the blinds to your windows. Use a marker or a pencil, to define where exactly you would like to install the brackets. A hand rail will help you cover the mechanical device operating the movement of the blinds.  Next, drill holes and install the brackets by holding them in place with screws if needed. Install the head rails inside your brackets and you’re done with the first step of installing top quality blinds.




  • After Placing the Brackets

Once you have made sure that you have placed the brackets correctly, ensure that the door of the bracket is left open, and that the head rail must be inserted inside the bracket properly.
You will also require a valence, which is an essential part of the whole window set, and which is placed on the upper portion. It can be attached in two ways – either hung up by it, or it can be left to hang while being attached to the window blinds. Place the valence on the head rail in the right position. If you’ve gotten a wand or a stick along with the blinds, attach them tightly to slide the blinds properly if they are not already attached.




Blinds on your windows will efficiently protect your room from harmful sunlight and pollution. And given the fact that you have decided to install top quality blinds for your windows, be sure to check on the cost beforehand. Buy blinds that suit your budget and your choice while not compromising on quality. Get professional help when installing top quality blinds so that the end result is just how you want it, and so that your blinds last for a long time.


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