The Most Successful UK Property Tycoons

Learn more about the people who have bought, built or invested in UK property and made themselves a fortune in the process.



John Grayken

Age: 61

Company: Lone Star

Bio: John Grayken began his career at Morgan Stanley before founding his private equity firm Lone Star Funds in 1995. Since then he has become a familiar face within property development circles widely known for deals worth billions.

Net Worth: £5bn

Info: John Grayken’s Lone Star group purchased this iconic Leeds property in 2015. A city center office space right in the middle of the city, Pinnacle features offices from 5,100 sqft and has easy access to a range of local amenities.
Investment Costs Part of £1bn portfolio acquisition.


Charles Gerald John Cadogan, 8th Earl of Cadogan

Age: 80

Company: The Cadogan Group

Bio: The 8th Earl of Cadogan has used his family’s fortune to maintain and develop the large Cadogan property portfolio, which features extensive landholdings in Chelsea. As well as the notable developments he has overseen, the Earl has been recognized for his charity work with a KBE.

Net Worth £6.5bn

Info: An ambitious development that remains in-keeping with the surrounding architecture, 131 Sloane Street offers units for retail flagship stores, fine dining restaurants and contemporary office space in one convenient location.

Development Costs: Part of a £34m retail investment


Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster

Age: 26

Company: The Grosvenor Group

Bio: Despite only holding the title since August 2016, Hugh Grosvenor has already shown an aptitude for the family business of property development. With numerous prestigious holdings to manage and almost £.10bn to his name, there’s plenty of potentials for the young Duke to make waves.

Net Worth: £.9.52bn

Info: This ambitious project redeveloped 42 acres of underutilized land in the center of Liverpool. It includes large department stores and leisure facilities including a cinema and 36-hole adventure golf center, as well as apartments, offices and public open space.

Investment Costs: £920m


David and Simon Reuben

Age : David – 73, Simon – 76

Company: Reuben Brothers

Bio: Since arriving in the UK circa 1950, David and Simon Reuben ran a variety of businesses including scrap metal and carpeting before settling on property development. This turned out to be a wise decision as they’re currently the most successful property tycoons featured on the Sunday Times Rich List.

Net Worth: £14bn

Info: One of their most recent investments (May 2017), this luxury office space was vacated by previous tenants, allowing the Reuben brothers to implement a modern redesign with a highly sought after lettable area of 3,421m2.
Purchase Costs: £110m



Some people aren’t playing the best hand early in life, but this hasn’t stopped them putting in some hard graft, investing shrewdly and realizing the huge profits to be made in the U K property market.


Lord Alan Sugar

Age: 70

Company: Amsprop

Bio: Best known for his continued presence as the no-nonsense CEO on BBC’s The Apprentice, Alan Sugar is the very definition of a self-made man. Born into a poor family, Sugar quit school at 16 to make a success of himself in the business world. By 21 he had set up Amstrad and the rest is history. It may come as a surprise to some that, these days, his main source of income is property investment.

9Net Worth: £1.2bn

Info: A fantastically located property between Chancery Lane and Fleet Street with a generous 15,021 sqft of floor space. Lord Sugar’s Amsprop swooped in on 1 Chancery Lane in late 2016, when the original buyer backed out due to Brexit.

Cost: £17m


Richard Desmond

Age: 65

Company: Northern & Shell

Bio: When Desmond was a child his family was forced into poverty. Determined to change his fortunes, by the age of 15 onwards he rose to prominence in the publishing business, acquiring the Sunday Express and Daily Star through his company Northern & Shell. He has spent recent years distancing himself from less savory aspects of his empire to focus on philanthropy and property development.

Net Worth: £2.5bn

Info: The proposed scheme will consist of 9 buildings with up to 30 storeys, including 722 flats, retail and office units, public spaces and a sixth-form secondary school.

Cost : £1bn





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