Tel Aviv’s building transformes into Giant Tetris Game in Israeli

A giant Tetris tournament takes place in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv’s city hall building every Thursday. Two huge rubber joysticks 1.5m x 1.5m are placed in Rabin Square outside the municipality building and people are invited to play each other on the building’s 10,000 foot facade, which is covered with 480 LED lights and with each of its windows becoming a pixel on a 3,000 sq. mtr. screen. Whoever gets there first can play what is probably the world’s biggest game of Tetris.

The giant game of Tetriminos is available for free to the public, who can play Tetris, as well as Pong and Snake on the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality building.


The stunt is designed to draw attention to the upcoming DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, which brings together business and tech leaders from all over the world.

This isn’t the first time Tetris has made its way to buildings. In 2014, the game was played on the surface of a 29-story high rise in Philadelphia. The year before, a group of MIT students hacked the side of a campus building — by using wirelessly-controlled LED lights and a controller attached to a podium – to play. The trend goes as far back as 1995 when Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands attempted a similar stunt. Back in 2001, Project Blinkenlights lit up Haus des Lehrers in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, allowing people to use their Nokia handsets to play Pong. You can even play Snake on the fountains in London’s Granary Square.

















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