Tips for Sellers: The Perks of Staging your Home

When it comes to selling, it’s all about the presentation. That’s why people spend time and creativity in arranging the shop windows or making sure that all cakes are on display when you visit a café. The same applies to the real-estate market, no matter if the new owners intend to tear down walls or renovate in completely different style. But selling your home may require extra funds and time, besides creativity and eye for design, and not to mention that in this case, you must pay attention to both exterior and interior of your home.


1. Do some landscaping

What is the first thing your potential buyers will see? Well, the front of your home of course. If you’re selling an apartment, you might place a few potted plants in front of your door, to create the hominess. But when it comes to a house, it may be a little bit more effort and work involved. Besides mowing the lawn and clearing the walkways, you can plant some flowers to bring out the colors and give a personal touch to the house. If your house has a porch, you can repaint the flooring and change the upholstery to the seating set, to refresh its look.

2. Refresh the front door and windows

Doors and windows will tell plenty about your home, as well as how you took care of it. If you can – change them all or at least make sure they are all in perfect working order. Otherwise, change the door handle and add a knocker, to make it more sophisticated. Repainting the doors and window frames will certainly change the exterior and overall impression of the house. One part in certain need of replacement may be the shutters since they’re exposed to the elements. Wind chimes hang near the doors will be a nice touch to make everything more personal, as will some flower arrangements on the window panes if you’re selling your home during the sunny months.

3. Repaint the walls

When it comes to the inside of your home, one thing is necessary no matter what and that’s repainting the walls. Research showed that color of the rooms can influence the price, meaning that some shades can raise the price and others can make it go lower. Usually, lighter tones are more acceptable and attractive because they remind people of cleanliness and positive emotions. But not all light walls are interesting to buyers. White bathrooms and pink bedrooms sell the house for less, while the blue dining room and brown living room raise the price.

4. Do some interior decorating

Your belongings made sense to you, but your buyers have a different idea. The trick is to create a personal and private environment while living space for imagination to potential buyers. This means that you can hire professionals to store your excess stuff faster than you can say “supercheapstorage“. Then, place a flower in a vase on the dining room table, in the foyer, and in the living room cabinet, a book on the nightstand along with some glasses, or fresh potted herbs and cooking utensils on display in the kitchen. Your sellers don’t want to buy just space, but also the emotions it radiates.

5. Declutter your home

Never forget that your mess is not something to underestimate when it comes to selling your home. If you’re governed with belief that buyers don’t care since they’ll change everything anyway, you’ll be wrong and make a mistake that will cost you the sale. Majority of buyers find messy homes unattractive and would not make the purchase. Clutter tells a story about the way you care for your home, and the more chaos you leave the more will the potential buyers’ opinion be worse about the state of your property. This means they believe that they’ll have to deal with more repairs and renovations than planned, which can worry them because of the possible expenses and spent time.

6. Make them feel welcomed

There are several tricks real-estate agents like to use to make the buyers feel welcomed and more inclined to take the house into consideration. First of all, they organize the open house, where all interested parties gather and look around. Another nice trick is to make a fresh pot of coffee and batch of homemade cookies. This will remind your buyers of their own home as well as relax them and make them feel welcome. Also, you can prepare some historic or contemporary facts, something that will raise the home’s reputation, and you should also be able to highlight the benefits of the neighborhood such as stores, schools, parks and safety issues.

All in all

Potential buyers want to see how you managed at your home and what it looked like when you lived there, but on the other hand, they want to avoid more personal attributes like toothbrushes and dirty laundry, namely the thing we all hide when we expect guests. Even though they will change your home to suit their needs once they buy it, never forget that you have to sell it to them in the order they can do that.


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