Top 5 Tips to Decorate your Home with Natural Light

A home with dark rooms and low ventilation creates neagative vibe around. It is important to decorate your home with natural light that can really reflect your mood. Imagine doing your house choress smoothly without lighting up the artificial light. From saving electricity and getting Vitamin D, home blessed with natural light will surely benefit you in all ways. However, not every corner of your home will be lucky enough to be blessed with natural light.

While decorating your home, start thinking differently, how much extra light each of your room needs and what objects can be used to get proper lights. Going natural and environment has now become an hottest trend in home décor. Here are top 5 tips on decorating your home with natural light:

  • Use of Mirrors: Adding mirrors at certain areas of home will help in reflecting, than absorbing light. So you can hang or pop large mirror on wall opposite window doubling the light streaming in. Mirrors are easy and budget friendly solution to increase the light condition in a room.
  • Paint it White: Dark colour walls absorb light and your room will be dark, creating negative vibes around. Paint the walls with light shade colours that can create a warm environment. White or cream paint colours works really well. Use a shinier, satin paint finish instead of flat — this will help reflect natural light.
  • Working with Windows: If you have Roman shade windows, then you need to replace it draperies because shade windows blocks sunlight even they are open. You can even go for Venetian blinds which allow you to control the amount of light that comes in, and you can even angle them to direct the light.
  • Lighten up Fabrics: Heavy fabrics, like velvets and brocades, can weigh the light area of the room. You can go for fabrics like linen and cotton fabrics to bring in the natural light.
  • Natural Light– Simulating Bulbs: Adding natural light-simulating bulbs can help in increasing the amount of incoming natural light. You can check out different options in bulb aisle. Replace all the bulbs with new light bulbs. If the room doesn’t have windows, then keep light bulbs and lamps on during day when the room is in use. This is a great way to brighten up the dark rooms.

There are many other ways using which you can lighten up your dark room in modern ways. Invest your time on research and plan accordingly while decorating your home interior.

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