How to Use Office Partitions to Enhance Your Work Space

With a growing number of companies and businesses cluttering up all the available office space, very few companies have the luxury of a custom built work place that focuses on getting the best productivity possible out of their employees. Now, though, many companies are looking out for options to customize virtually un-customizable space, and are succeeding with office partitions. If you’re planning an office re-design in the near future, consider opting for these partitions as they can completely change the way your office looks and the way in which you work.  Using partitions for your office, though, takes planning and needs to be installed with care if you’re to get the right end result. So look through these ways in which you can use office partitions and give a modern look to work space with best office partition.



Glass Partitions

Despite looking deceptively fragile, glass partitions are durable and quite sturdy. They are great for segregating your office space effectively while also giving the illusion of extra space. Glass lets in natural light, thereby reducing your energy bills and keeping your employees feeling great because of the effect of lovely, warm sunlight in your work area. Glass is functional and aesthetic. They can give you a sense of privacy, and if you need extra silence for your work area, choose double glazed glass partitions for acoustic benefits.




Solid Partitions 

Made usually of plasterboard and supported by a steel or aluminum frame, solid partitions are rather old school. While they are certainly functional, especially if you need absolute privacy and soundproofing features, they also create a sense of isolation. Choose these partitions if you prefer to have some employees working on confidential work, or if you’d like to segregate a section of your office into a conference or meeting room.




Office Screens

These are flexible, cost effective and convenient office partitions that give your employees the semblance of privacy while not taking up too much floor space. They are easy to install and take down, and are ideal for changing workforces. Additionally, since they are available in a wide range of colors, textures and materials, office screens are ideal for quick partitions in line with your existing office décor. They are also ideal if your budget is low but you still wish to re-design your work space.




Installing Office Partitions

Prior to installing your office partition, it is essential that you plan out your office design with office partition. You need to have an idea of how the office will look like after it has been partitioned, as well as choices of style and material that reflect your brand appropriately. Take your employees into consideration and ensure that the partitions you choose give them a functional and productive working environment.


Remember that the colors you choose play a huge role in creating an illusion of dimensional perception. For example, soft colors on walls reflect light, making a room look more spacious. Brighter colors, on the other hand, increase a room’s illumination. The materials you choose, too, play a role here. Glass can make your room look spacious, whereas solid office partitions can create an illusion of smaller spaces. Vertical storage and symmetry in office furniture can create visual calmness, and reducing mid-room clutter can also aid in creating an illusion more spacious work areas.


In summary, using office partitions wisely can go a long way towards changing the way your employees work and can help make them more productive. Choose the type of partitions you need and mix them if requires so that your office is functional and aesthetic. Plan your office re-design well so that the end result fulfils the original purpose of your project, boosts your business, sticks to your industry and branding, and helps make your employees more productive and happy.


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