Value Of The Retaining Walls Of A House For Real Estate

Every housing property is generally secured by a boundary wall, to mark it as a private property, so that no one can enter in the premises, without the permission of the house owner. Though many houses are surrounded with wooden fences, the solid retaining walls made of concrete or stone are the best choices of the house owners, for making their houses unique and more secure than their neighbors make.  Now real estate properties are generally designed keeping in mind the retaining wall to block, hold or to retain soil behind it. Builders can make the retaining wall with concrete slab, stone, and boulders, poured concrete and treated timber.  


Advantages of manufacturing retaining walls around a house

  • The soil of the ground can be kept intact in correct place, by the erection of these solid walls. Mainly in cases of the houses manufactured in the uneven areas of the hilly regions, the soil layers may otherwise drift away, in the absence of such rigid structures to hold the soil. Hence, it is safer for the residents for the house, as it is less likely for the building to slide down the slopes, on torrential rains or mild earthquakes.
  • The soil particles of the hilly slopes are often washed out by heavy rains, mainly during the monsoon season. But this erosion of the loose soil particles of the upper layer can be prevented from a piece of land, on being stopped by the hard surfaces of the retaining walls, surrounding the total property. Homeowners and builders also choose these retaining walls as boundaries because they can block the soil and they can also help you to maintain the cleanliness of your property.
  • As the soil erosion is prevented, the formation of sinkholes is also stopped on this piece of land. Therefore, the house owner needs not bother about the formation of the piles of dirt and dry leaves over these sinkholes, which he otherwise needs to clear periodically, to keep his property clean and hygienic.
  • The property value of a well-enclosed house is considered to be much more than the ones without any boundary wall. This high boundary wall gives a sense of security to the residents of the house, as it also protects the house from the unwanted intruders or burglars.


Retaining Walls (2)


Various categories of retaining walls that can protect houses

  • The gravity wall is the most commonly available boundary wall that can retain the horizontal pressure of the land, due to the trapezoidal shape and the broader base of the wall that becomes narrower towards the upper section of the wall, giving better stability.
  • The cantilever wall is also totally made of concrete, with a concrete footing that extends well beyond the normal limits of the front side of the wall. Thus, the wall gives more stability to the soil, on which it is constructed and this method prevents any landslide. This type of wall is also preferred to construct the basements of the buildings.
  • The counter fort wall looks exactly like a cantilever wall, but it is designed in a different way, with the tee section of the wall constructed perpendicularly to the main wall, providing better support.

If you choose the timber retaining wall then it can become damaged very soon and you need to replace the wall again. The wooden wall has a very short lifespan. On the other part, stone and boulder retaining walls look very attractive, but the installation process of these walls take much time and it is very expensive also. Now you can structure the wall with veneers, flagstone and bricks, which will provide you, better longevity.


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