What’s Trending “In” Luxury Real Estate?

When it comes to the Luxury Real Estate market, it’s all about expressive creativity. The definition of luxury homes has changed in recent times. The buyers see their homes as a calling card and want the homes to reflect their financial and social status. Till early 2001, luxury was perceived to be the prime location, but later in few years, luxury has seen a transition and advent of high end technologies, international brand associations and boutique or customised homes.



In a year or two, the luxury residential market will see a surge of investment. The most pertinent limitations faced by the luxury residential segment are the time period for the approvals and the high maintenance costs of the property.The silver lining is the growing interest of the foreign investors and increase in the young high-salaried consumers.

Between technology transforming the quality of life and increasing busy schedules, developers are continuously finding new and innovative ways to make our living space interactive, not just somewhere we lay our heads. 2017 has already witnessed a wave of new developments in amenities, design and must-have devices for your home that will have you feeling like you’re living in the future.


Here are the six hottest trends in luxury real estate:-


Smart Homes


Smart home technology has caught on so quickly is that it’s surprisingly easy to set up connected products in any home. Things like home monitoring system aren’t revolutionary, but they have traditionally involved tricky wiring or installing bulky panels onto your wall. As the technology necessary to produce these devices has become cheaper for companies, smart home technology has become more affordable and reliable for consumers.


Entertainment Rooms


Home theatres are more like ‘miniature’ theatres built in a home setting. A home theatre is a dedicated space that can be sealed off from the rest of the home and is centrally optimized to reproduce cinema-quality picture and sound , and benefit its projection system display media by producing the best home viewing experience possible.


Kitchen Upgrade


In the kitchen, luxury homebuyers want to be inspired. They want it to feel like something out of a high-end restaurant. Kitchen is where holidays are celebrated, delectable meals are shared, grand parties are hosted and unforgettable memories are made here. Today’s Kitchen are equipped with all of the latest gadgets and hi-tech appliances available in the market.


Bathroom Fixtures


A bathroom has long been known as an in-home sanctuary where you can retreat after a long day and relax in your spa tub or steam shower. New building technology continues to benefit owner’s , and smart technology heats radiant floors and towel warmers are on command. Smart-glass turns a clear glass shower stall opaque when someone steps in.


Home Gym


Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy convenience and that’s one thing luxury home buyers definitely splurge on. Having a gym down the hall cuts down on a lot of excuses. A home gym also means you won’t have to stand in line for the next elliptical machine.




This is certainly that closets continue to grow in size and opulence. Large closets continue to be a highly desirable amenity for luxury home buyers. Closets are no longer confined spaces. The closet is really another room, not a storage centre and has become almost recreational.


This guest post has been written by Gunjan Johar, Real Estate Blogger.


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