Winter Home Décor Ideas

Winters are usually associated to me gloomy, dark. Even if is not exactly gloomy or dark the cold temperatures make your body not function as fast you’d like.  To make oneself feel better and keep going through the winter months we choose to make our environment as cozy as possible by changing out our bed linens to comfy plush linens and adding some throws near your usual hangout spots, drinking something warm more often etc. But we seldom realize how colors and home décor can elevate our mood during these gloomy months of the year. Ironically these winter times also call for celebration of events like Christmas and New Year. These add excitement and call for decorating the house as per one’s choice.



To make a room brighter we use lighter color curtains or drapes and lighter color cushions. Similarly to make a room feel warm, festive and fun, we can get creative and create handmade pieces to give a personalized and at home feeling. To begin with we can change out all the drapes and curtains to a lighter shade so that whatever light comes in to the house will not get stopped with those heavy and dark drapes. Red and green are the colors usually associated with Christmas, so using cushion covers in red and green ads a festive pop to the couch. Next is to start off with beautiful wreaths to hang on your front door during this festive season. You can get creative here by doing a wreath with color ribbons, color balls, left over ornaments from the Christmas tree, colored socks or of fragrant dried flowers like potpourri. This wreath is like a first impression for your guest to know what to expect from your home décor perspective.




The next focus falls on the mantle or the main wall in the house. You can decorate it up by adding few new pictures of your family in nice picture frames, placing big mantle pieces that attract the attention to the wall. Colorful ornamental décor or you can also get creative with decors using cinnamon stick which doubles as fragrant sticks and odor absorbent during these damp winter months. You can add some fragrant candles to make the home smell fresher and welcoming during these festive seasons. Instead of the regular candle stands you can do something creative by flipping a wine glass and using its base to hold a candle.





The dry leaf-less branches in your surroundings can be put into a vase with some sparkly and colorful ornaments to make it a nice corner table piece for your home. Similarly you can make socks filling snowman with the kids to put it on their study desk or on the showcase.  Coffee table usually is the next place people notice creative decors in a home. It is also one place that can be made very attractive, by attaching color stocking to its legs or adding some fancy DIY or store bought coaster. You can collect some pine cones, paint them colorfully and store them inside a large vase to act as a center table attraction. These simple home décor are seasonal and take some effort to put them up, but these can give an otherwise plain house a boost of color and character during those celebration times.


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