British Airways i360 – World’s Tallest Moving Observation Tower in UK

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By Kevin Meredith

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28th January 2016 Taken by Kevin Meredith

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The tallest moving observation tower in the world, the ‘British Airways i360‘ opened in Brighton city, United Kingdom. The 531-feet tower will send up to 200 viewers skyward in a curved glass pod which will stop at 450 feet. The tower, which took about 12 years and £46 million to build, offers panoramic views of up to 42 kilometres.

Facts and figures

  • Height: 162 metres
  • Viewing pod maximum height: 138m
  • Viewing distance from top: 42 kilometres
  • Speed of ascent: 0.4 m per second
  • Pod diameter: 18m
  • Tower diameter: 3.9m
  • Tower height to diameter ratio: 40 to 1 (world’s most slender tall tower – Guinness World Records)
  • Adult ride cost: 15 pounds ($26)
  • Passengers per ride: 200
  • Ride duration: 20 minutes (30 minutes after 6:00pm)
  • Expected annual visitor numbers: 800,000 in year one, then 700,000

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